Residential Permit Parking

Portions of Guilford are covered by Baltimore’s Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Program. The program attempts to address locations where there is excessive demand for limited on-street parking spaces by assuring that residents and their visitors have preferential access to on-street parking through displayed permit or visitors pass. In Guilford, parking conflict exists in areas adjacent to neighboring institutions – Loyola University Maryland, Johns Hopkins University and Union Memorial Hospital.

There are four RPP areas covering portions of Guilford: RPP Area 1 (Oakenshawe); RPP Area 6 (Loyola); RPP Area 21 (Canterbury/Tuscany), and RPP Area 47 (Guilford). The process of obtaining a permit is simplified through the use of the Baltimore City Parking Authority web page accessed through the following links:

RPP1 – Oakenshawe:
Questions concerning RPP1-Oakenshawe should be directed to Oakenshawe Community Association.

RPP6 – Loyola:
Questions concerning RPP6-Loyola can be directed to the Guilford Office Manager (

RPP21 – Canterbury:
Questions concerning RPP21-Canterbury/Tuscany should be directed to Tuscany Canterbury Neighborhood Association.

RPP47 – Guilford:
Questions concerning RPP47-Guilford can be directed to the Guilford Office Manager (

There is an annual neighborhood meeting date when permits can be picked up by residents who have pre-registered and paid the annual fee.