Guilford Security Patrol

Guilford Security Patrol

Since 1992, the Guilford Security Patrol (GSP) has played an integral role in maintaining the safety and security of our neighborhood. The service is managed by The Association’s Safety Committee. Wolf Professional Security, a leading regional security company, is the contract organization that provides Patrol Officers and cars.

The operating budget for the service is funded by the residents of Guilford through the Guilford Association. Residents paying a $375 annual fee become GSP members. We encourage all residents to join both for the services offered and because increasing the participation rate will enable more patrol hours and the addition of officers.

All residents of Guilford can call on the GSP in the event of a security concern and the entire neighborhood benefits from the GSP patrols. In addition, for members, the GSP provides services beyond patrolling the streets, including daily vacation checks on homes when residents are out of town.

Security Patrol Contacts

GSP Officers: If police, medical or fire assistance is needed, call 911 before calling GSP. To contact a GSP Officer, call (443) 878-7248. We urge you to program the GSP phone number into your cell phones and home phone.

GSP patrols less than 24 hours a day. In the event that you call when GSP is not on patrol, please leave a voicemail and send an email to: describing the reason for the call. A Wolf Officer will return your call as soon as possible or when they return to duty. For an emergency always call 911.

Vacation Requests: If you would like a GSP Officer to check on your home when you are away, you need to send an email to at least three days before your departure. In the subject line, include “VACATION HOME INSPECTION REQUEST.” Include your name, address, phone number(s) and the dates of your departure and return. Also, please copy the Office Manager on the email: Vacation requests are not accepted by phone and are only available to residents who have paid the full annual GSP membership fee.


New Members

Membership in the Security Patrol requires payment of the annual security fee to:

The Guilford Association
4200 Saint Paul St., Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21218

For convenience, annual billing occurs when the Association bills for annual dues and maintenance fees.

Please direct any questions to the Office Manager whose contact information is below.  Thank you.

The following information should be current with the Association or provided at the time of payment: