York Court Pattern Book

To provide yet further direction to York Court property owners when exterior changes are being considered the Guilford Association Architectural Committee issued a Pattern Book that indicates the correct and acceptable way to maintain each major exterior element of York Court properties. This guide together with the Architectural Guidelines and narrative guides previously distributed provide the basis for determining the acceptability of exterior alterations. In many cases materials that are not allowed generally in Guilford, such as fiberglass columns and AZEK to replace some wood details, with committee approval may be accepted in York Court.

By terms of the Guilford Deed and Agreement all property owners within Guilford must obtain approval from the Association before making any alterations to the exterior of properties. The Architectural Committee will provide further assistance to residents undertaking exterior maintenance and improvement.

The York Courts are part of the Guilford National Register Historic District, making York Court properties eligible for the considerable benefit of Maryland Historic Tax Credits. The details for applying for those credits which must be approved before any work is undertaken can be found on the MD Historic Trust web site at: http://mht.maryland.gov/taxcredits_homeowner.shtml.

Please review the linked illustrated Pattern Book below and follow it as a resource for caring for your property. It will be the reference used by the Architectural Committee.