Event Guidelines

Guidelines for Events in Sherwood Gardens

Sherwood Gardens is open to the public during daylight hours everyday of the year, even on holidays. Any gathering or event should not disturb the peace and tranquility of the gardens or be a nuisance to any of the neighbors or other Guilford residents.

For your safety and the health of the trees and gardens, climbing on trees is not permitted.

All formal events such as weddings, regardless of size, must have prior approval from the Guilford Association.

All informal gatherings of more than 15 people must have prior approval.

Inquiries about the use of the Gardens be it for gatherings or installations of any kind should be made to the Guilford Association Office Manager: officemanager@guilfordassociation.org.

Wedding and general event requirements:

  • Ceremonies should be short, less than an hour in duration.  They should take place in an area of the Gardens that does not interfere with normal use, as designated and approved by management.
  • No amplified music can be played.
  • No tents are allowed. However, a huppah for a wedding is permitted.
  • Chairs are not allowed except for the elderly or disabled guests.
  • No bathroom facilities are provided or allowed.
  • All trash must be removed.
  • To reduce the need for parking along the Gardens, carpools are encouraged.
  • The number of attendees should be limited, respecting the use of a private park in a residential neighborhood (typically not more than 30). The proposed number of attendees must be approved in advance.
  • A reception party may not be held in the Gardens.
  • Grills are not allowed in the Gardens.
  • A tax-deductible donation of $10 per person will be requested.