Event and Gathering Guidelines

Guidelines for Gatherings and Events in Sherwood Gardens and Guilford’s Parks

Sherwood Gardens as well as Gateway Park, Little Park and Sunken Park are private parks open to the public during daylight hours. Attendance should not disturb the peace and tranquility of the gardens or parks, or be a nuisance to any of its neighbors.

For your safety and the health of the trees and plantings, climbing on trees or entering into flower beds is prohibited. Pets are to be leashed at all times. All trash must be removed.

Professional photo shoots, regardless of size, must obtain a written permit two weeks prior to the event. The permit is issued by the Guilford Association. Photographers requesting photo shoots must fill out the Event Application Form. Weddings and similar ceremonies are not permitted in the parks.

General Rules :

WE WELCOME: Blanket picnics • Personal photos and videos

NOT PERMITTED: Commercial activity or solicitation • Organized gatherings (sports, yoga, parties, weddings) without prior approval by the Guilford Association (Event Application Form) • Grills, loud music, hammocks, tables, tents or any structure • Motorized or non-motorized vehicles/cycles

Please see sherwoodgardens.org for additional Sherwood Gardens rules

Guilford’s security patrol, under the direction of Wolf Professional Security, will actively monitor gatherings and check to ensure approval has been given for any events or large gatherings. If event attendees do not have permits, Wolf Security Officers will ask visitors to leave the private park.

For more information: 410.889.1717